iClick where you could learn, connect and collaborate with the very best!

iClick is one of the state of the art institute creating Workshops, Photo tours and Symposiums etc
to bring in visibility, awareness and providing practical training in the core disciplines of
Photography, Cinematography & the craft of Visual Making!

Learn from the very best!

The Mentors involved are some of the best Photographers, Editors and Publishers in the business today!

We are Passionate about the Art of Visual Making!
And are here to spread our Love and Passion via Photography !

  • It’s faculty and world-class facilities draws students from all over India
  • Bent on converting a long-held passion for photography into a
    life-time profession
  • Our passion, enthusiasm and work experience reflects on the end-result
    via our students progression
  • Our hands on events will inspire you and change the way you look at
    photography forever
  • iClick Events caters to those who seek more intensive instruction, and
    includes photo editing, instruction, and critique sessions


Be a Maker – Create stunning imagery and visuals which resonates in the viewers mind forever!


Challenge yourself to experiment and strive to do something fun, Take a 365 day challenge!


Drive your Passion to push the boundaries and learn what it takes to get to the next level.


Be Unstoppable – where every obstacle is there to test your mettle, your learning never ends!
Technical Aspects 75%
Creativity 85%
Passion 100%

iClick is a dynamic research & training institute, we help engage and enable deep brand engagement programs by understanding the brand’s overall mission & vision, overall target audience, increase awareness through connectedness and thorough networking – be it various corporates, colleges or high end clients. We take our clients, their brands and their esteemed organization on a journey and drive them forward to realize their untouched value.
Our aim is to gratify every individual including our patrons, our students, and our clients with the concept of the right purpose, process & people. The sessions we conduct range from day-long workshops to more intensive programmes that extend for up to three days. They include lessons on how to capture the character of an individual or a place, what it takes to tell a story visually, and the difference between ‘making’ images rather than ‘taking’ them.
To turn imperceptible brand assets into perceptible financial returns, through our deep brand engagement program
We realize untouched value in luxury brands and consumer brands in various sectors outwith the traditional precincts of the corporate environment through our brand realization program.
With the help of dedicated team of professionals with the motto of working fast with perfection, we look into areas of importance, development, creating ideas and generating connectedness through quality driven strategies. Enthusiasm and Experience is our core strength, we believe in giving returns.
Nikon, Elinchrom, Wacom
Better Photography, Elle, GQ, Vogue, National Geographic, Harper Bazaar, Radio Indigo, Times of India
Google, Facebook, Amazon AWS
Lindt, Qua, Durian Furniture’s, IRIS Bangalore, TAJ Group of Hotels
Manish Arora, Malini Ramani, Tarun Khiwal, Anushka Menon, Pravin Talan & Waseem Khan
We would love to speak to you, we realize time is an important factor in today’s era – however we believe in keeping it short and to the point without any sugar-coating and deliver maximum results. Our telephonic service works the best, nevertheless – we are just too good with responding each and every mail.
Generally everyone delivers naming rights, banners, hoardings, standees, radio mentions, advertorials, editorials, articles, posters, press release, emails etc. We like giving more, not just for the sake of deliverance – but to make sure the quality of returns… we believe in deep engagement program, we believe in end results.
Search & Research; Tracking and Monitoring Strategy -Engagement & Dialogue; Engagement and 2 way Conversations, Experience & Sentiment, Building Campaign Buzz -Measurement; Measures Leads / Sales, Brand Lift / Awareness, High Value Interactions -Content Communication; Optimize Content creation -Distribution: Channels

We call this Discovery!

Words matter a lot to us, and so we believe in the concept of “a man of few words or rather a brand of few words”. We are committed to the society we serve, let our work and visuals do the talking – be it our images, cinematography or our events!


Our Happy Clients